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1. Empty Weather
2. Valley
3. We are We Are
4. Whatever You Say
5. Do What You Want
6. Are You Alright
7. Signs
8. Olivia

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The Bay Bridged: "EagleWolfSnake is one of the tightest, fullest sounding trios I’ve heard in quite awhile. Just listen to their debut EP for evidence: layered vocals that make choruses arena-ready, chiming guitar lines that effortlessly float through the driving beats, deceptively simple song structures featuring big melodic hooks and an explicit desire to get your feet moving."



With the release of their new single, "Whatever You Say", EagleWolfSnake brings a pop feel to indie rock. Lush with high energy vocals, catchy guitar hooks, and an all around fun attitude, the song makes you want to get up and dance. Through it all, EagleWolfSnake is able to take something familiar, and create a whole new aesthetic all their own. 

"Our single was the first song that the band wrote when we began the initial jam sessions. The idea behind it was people who are blind followers, possibly following someone out of love but also out of infatuation.  We saw a cult like scenario with members wearing bow ties and staring into the sun, hence the idea for the video which eventually led us to wearing the bow tie cult look on stage for every show." explains songwriter Eli Meyskens about the single. 

"Whatever You Say" is the first single off their upcoming full length album Zang! Although this song speaks volumes for the record, to get a full understanding of what EagleWolfSnake has to offer, it should be heard in its entirety. 

"We want all of our music from here on out to speak to us and have a very strong vibe, if it doesn't, it goes in the rubbish bin. We think this song has a very strong vibe and a feeling that we've really built upon and written most of the rest of the songs hoping that they would be as good as this one. I think the song and orchestration harkens back to a day when rock was more prevalent and not everything was sequenced with big electronic beats behind it (not that we mind those songs as we like all that big electro stuff too!) We're all big fans of early Police and a lot of the shouty vocals, harmonies, song structure of this song was a kind of an homage to those guys and other great bands of that era like The Clash." says the band of their upcoming album. 

Hailing from San Francisco, EagleWolfSnake formed in March of 2014 after their last project,Music For Animals, began to come to an end.  Eli Meyskens, Nick Bray, and Ryan Malley had been writing new songs on their own as the old band was ending, digging the vibe and deciding to see where it went was how EagleWolfSnake was born. 

Almost immediately after coming out with the first couple shows the band was picked up for the Bottlerock Music Festival in Napa CA, as well as the Noise Pop Festival and Fog City Music Festival in San Francisco CA. The band has since played sold out venues in the Bay Area along sides bands like Stone Foxes, Mansions on the Moon, The Frail and Taylor Locke (Rooney). 

As the band adds, "This project was born from the pure love of music. We have played together for years in previous bands, writing albums, touring the US and Europe. After having a brief brush with the major label record industry, we have seen that nothing is as important to us as the music. If we are not playing what comes natural and intuitively then we're not making the right kind of music. This band wants to make music that makes us feel good and hopefully it will make others feel good too" 

EagleWolfSnake will release their debut album Zang! this October 2015.

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Zang! Official release date 10/30/15